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Mick Taylor and Scribe Valdemir discussing the word " ekklesia " in the New Testament - In the forum course Harvard Divinity School EDX
Mick Taylor

I am surprised and a little exasperated that in the course materials it is stated more than once that Paul wrote before people were called Christians. Yet in Acts 11:26 we are told that in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians and this is before Paul wrote any of his letters. Of course this assumes the historical accuracy of Acts but to ignore this reference without discussion is problematic for me.
Equally not including all the letters (13) in the New Testament which assert that Paul is their author without discussion is unhelpful.
Have I missed or misunderstood something here?
Hello dear friend Mick Taylor ,
Again enjoyed reading your comments . Citation of Acts 11:26 says that the first time the Christian term , applied to the followers of Jesus , but the term ekklesia appears in Acts 5:11 applies to the followers of Jesus . In Acts 8:3 says that Paul persecuted the church before his conversion , here it is understood that the church is a reference to the assembly of followers of Christ . In Acts 14:27 also speaks of the church meeting . The term church was not a building as commonly erroneously applies today . In Acts 13.1 also speaks of the church that was at Antioch , ie the assembly of Christians who were there . Finally in Acts 14:23 it speaks of election of elders in the church , that is , election in the assembly of Christians . In the intrinsic evaluation of the letters of Paul only a few appear as the sender apostle Paul , that does not mean he is not the author of others, I have my suspicions of involvement in Paul's authorship of Hebrews .But do not fret Mick , we're just conniving , not affirming or dogmatizing

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